Forest Park Forever would like to thank the following two foundations, which provided essential funding for the development and production of this booklet and companion digital publication:

Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation

For 100 years, the Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation has been helping the St. Louis region’s individuals, families and businesses put their charitable dollars to work for organizations and causes they care about the most. As a community foundation, our resources comprise of donor advised and endowment funds established by individuals, businesses and organizations with a passion for charitable giving and a deep commitment to the St. Louis community. The Community Foundation currently has more than 450 individual donor funds and assets of approximately $250 million. Grantmaking benefits a broad spectrum of community life within St. Louis and beyond. The Community Foundation and its donors distribute annually over 2,000 individual grants totaling approximately $30 million. Learn more at

Trio Foundation of Saint Louis


The Trio Foundation of Saint Louis is a family foundation founded in 1990 by Dorothy Ross Moog with the intention of involving her three grown children in common philanthropic endeavors. She also felt strongly about sharing the success that she and her husband, Hubert “Hub” C. Moog, achieved through Hub’s leadership at Moog Industries, an automotive manufacturing business. The Trio Foundation values community enhancement, fulfillment of human potential and ecological well-being. The Foundation expresses these values through supporting programs that promote independence, equality of opportunity, creativity and environmental preservation. Learn more at

Forest Park Forever also extends its gratitude to the following individuals and organizations for their role in the project:

  • Linda Ballard: For spearheading research, writing and photography.
  • Sue Fisher: For booklet design and layout.
  • Fred Ruhrwien: For igniting interest in the history of the statues and art in Forest Park, especially the Cannon.
  • Randy Allen: For his photographs on the cover and pages 2, 20, 28, 34, 36, 40 and 42. 
  • City of St. Louis: For being an exceptional partner in caring for and restoring Forest Park, with special gratitude toward Parks Director Gary Bess and City Parks Commissioner Dan Skillman.
  • Missouri History Museum: For its expertise and contributions, particularly that of Karen M. Goering, Managing Director of Administration and Operations.
  • Saint Louis Art Museum: For its expertise and contributions, particularly that of Ann Burroughs, Associate Educator/Head of Educational Media.

If you have questions or comments about this website or the companion print booklet, please email us today. If you would like pick up a print copy for your walk through the Park, you may do so at the Information Desk of the Dennis & Judith Jones Visitor and Education Center.